Saturday, November 08, 2003

Country Side Photos

Click for Larger ImageAlong Highway 100, just outside of Pasquo, Tennessee. There are a few old burnt out houses. They look like they've been there for years. Rotten, over grown with moss and other vegitation. They are eye sores to some, but they have a very unique and interesting charm.

I find it curious that they still exist at all though. They are far enough out of the Nashville area that the property/land values are much more reasonable. It seems suprising to me that the land hasn't been reclaimed. However, the plot is right next to a busy highway, with only about 10-15 yards of space before
a steep hillside interupts. Due to the nature of the surrounding geography, simply cutting into the side of the hill may not necessarily be a viable option.

Most likely it'll rot until the area becomes more populated. On the other side of the highway is a good deal more flat space. I wish I had more history of this house. But it's probably less exciting than our imaginations can come up with.

Click here for larger Image.This barn is located a bit further west than the burnt out old house. Not by far though. You can see there is much more land to develop on this side. Currently however it's a farm. Hopefully it will be for many years to come.

I found this barn over a month ago when my family was in town, staying at a Bed & Breakfast, not far from here.

I really wanted to get a picture when the leaves were more colorful but situations did not allow me to take a picture until today.

I wanted to take additional photos of Nashville and the surrounding area, but it was such a beautiful day I just ended up driving around for a few hours. Just pick a road and see where it goes. The surrounding Nashville area is a maze of roads and highways. It can be confusing due to the hills and valleys, but that makes it all the more exciting.

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