Monday, November 03, 2003

Big O! Show Time!

Wow! Last nights final episode of Big O was pretty wild. Oh and for you who don't know, Big O is a cartoon on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim line up. It's not adult-sexual, its adult-complex plot. The plot twists and turns and confuses more than any story I can think of. Frankly it makes me wonder sometimes if it was done on purpose or if I'm just not quite smart enough to 'get it'.

Last night was episode 26, the last of Seasion 2. Will there be a sesson 3? Something makes me doubt it. While there were a LOT of loose strings left untied, the primary story line seems to have run dry. I think they could continue, but it wouldn't have quite the same impact. Then again, perhaps I'm way off base. I know I'd watch if they did create another season.

For those who haven't watched the show the following might seem confusing.

Here is what I've deduced from last night.

  1. Papa Tomato farmer created a VR world or something similar to a Star Trek holo-deck. Either that or it was handed down to him. He became the 'author' of that world, building it from his own memories, both good and bad. Perhaps there WAS a big megaduce war, as one would get the impression from Rodger Smiths flashbacks. In either case, the father (Wainewrite?)
  2. One of the early images in the episode showed an android. Were many of the people in Paradime City androids? We had been given the impression that many of them were clones.
  3. Angel and Roger Smith are something other than the false world in which they have been pawns in. They were before and are now after it. Perhaps they are the androids, more advanced than Dorthy. More like a Terminator, with a human exterior and a robot interior. Roger seems to have lived for many more than the 40 years that Paradime City existed. He knew Father Wainewrite when he was younger and Roger had not aged a day. Angel and Roger also have an emotional bond that seems deeper than just romatic love. As if they knew each other prior to the events in Paradime City.
  4. Rogers fight for his own individuality seems to be a very important focus. He refuses the physical bond between himself and Big O (his megaduce). It's obvious by the scars on Angels back that she did not. They are both megaduce pilots, though Roger seems to be able to do so with Big O in a partnership of mutual respect, honor and the desire for justice. Dispite the best efforts of Roger Smith he IS still but a pawn in the play that was designed around him. He was/is a powerful figure in that story due to the fact that he doesn't just play a part that was written for him. He's an active participant in moving the plot, whomever the viewers are.
  5. Dorthy coming back from the 'dead' was quite interesting as well. It suggests, with the plot, that memories are not important to living, they are just stories built from the past to help us understand the present and the future, butthey are not required to live. Having no memories, such as in the case of Smith and Dorthy, gives them the freedom to be who they ultimatly are without being trapped by the memories of their former lives, 40 years prior. Dorthy was left in a more difficult situation loosing her core memory-bank. Obviously she had some extra memory some where else.

    It was equally interesting that she was able to merge with Big O in the way that Roger was unwilling to. As if she was built for that purpose. There was a building connection between Big O and Dorthy for a number of episodes as well. Big O was not just a big robot that Roger controlled. The Megaduce had its own AI, it's own 'soul'.

Bottom line is that the final episode of Big O has opened more plot doors and holes than it closed. The story is not finished. We have not learned very much at all. It was the close of a chapter, but not the book. Many more details are yet to be discovered. The question is will we be allowed to discover them, or will we be left in this limbo?

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