Sunday, August 10, 2003

Todays To-Do List

  1. Laundry - I've been putting it off all week. I cannot put it off any longer. Laundry is such a pain. It's probably worse when I put it off too, because now I have about 4-5 loads to do. Blah.
  2. Wash the car - I always enjoy washing my car. I think that's primarily a guy thing. I'm sure there are women who like to wash their cars as well, but most guys I know enjoy it. It's like a weekend ritual with your car. If a guy really likes his car, hell even some that don't like their cars, he'll put some level of detail into the wash. Perhaps not every time, but when it happens you can tell. I don't detail often, but it sure is satisfying when I do. It makes me want to drive my car around town to show it off. "Look how clean MY car is!"
  3. Recycle - I have a bunch of cans at work and some here along with plastic bottles. I use so very little glass, I don't typically recycle it. For instance, today I'll be taking one brown Fosters bottle. Whoo! But I AM taking three bags of aluminium cans. I'm far from Mr. Earth Day, but recycling is pretty easy. I just have to take everything to the bins. We don't have recycling pickup here in Nashville, at least not where I live.
  4. Clean up my desk - My cats keep reminding me I need to clean my desk. The come running chasing each other and crash on my desk because they slip on all the stuff on it. Most of it just needs to be filed away. What fun!
  5. Vacume - Another necessity that has escalated in part because of my kittens. I've reduced the litter spread a great deal by getting them a covered littler box. Now they cannot kick the sand all over hell and back. But there is still some that makes it out. Usually as a result of my bare feet. Then there is the plant they seem to enjoy digging in. It has a loose chipped vegitation layer on top. They somehow kick that out onto the floor. I have no idea how they do it, but the evidence is there. Lastly they tend to leave their food crumbs everywhere. All this stuff spreads over the course of a week. I'm vacuming every Sunday now it seems. I imagine its even worse with children.
  6. Run to the Office - I need to head into the office for a bit this morning. I need to get the cans there, but also I need to do some quick work. I had a brain storm last night. What I need to do will take a short time to setup but nearly 12 hours to run, so I'd rather do it today than start it tomorrow morning and not be able to work with it until Tuesday. WAIT! Scratch that! I can do it all from here. Duh! I forget about my remote secure connection to the office from here. I'll have to take care of the cans there tomorrow night or something. Sweet.
  7. Return Movies - I rented and watched The Animatrix and Die Another Day last night. Both were good. Die Another Day is another fun Bond movie. Hard to go wrong there. The Animatrix was interesting. I like anime, so I was right at home. Some of the shorts (8 of them) were better than others. The Second Renessance Parts 1 and 2 were awesome though. I heard some people saying that these short stories helped fill in the blanks between the first and second movies. While The Final Flight of The Osiris was certainly related the others were (from my perspective) just based on the Matrix story line. Don't get me wrong, they were well written and interesting, but I failed to see any corolation.
  8. Watch Denis Learys Roast on Comedy Central - This should be good! I've always enjoyed Denis Learys comedy, but he's a self proclaimed asshole. Lets see how the asshole takes a "roast"! LOL

Well that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are other less interesting, more mundane things, like eat and use the bathroom, but I really doubt you'd really want to hear all about that.

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