Monday, August 04, 2003

Not feeling very f'n cuddly!

Ok I fucked up. I didn't backup a database I was working on. The work I did didn't quite work as planned. Now I'll be spending the rest of the evening here at work fixing it. UGGGGGHHHH!!!

Ok so I started a database integrity check and repair, which takes awhile, so I knew i'd be fine to get some dinner. I walked over to Wendy's, only a few blocks away. The walk was good, it helped calm me down. It's a pretty evening, not too hot.

I got my dinner and they got my order correct, no problem there.

As I'm walking back I hear a dripping noise, I look up and there are a ton of little birds roosting on the electrical wires. "Oh crap!", I think. Oh crap is right. I didn't make it out in time. Splat right on my right arm, from my shoulder all the way down my arm. UGH!!! What really pisses me off is that I was wearing a very light colored shirt. I got into my office building and washed it all off in the bathroom sink, but I'm afraid it'll stain.

If it stains, I think i'm gonna feed the birds PopRocks! Little bastards!!!

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