Friday, August 15, 2003

Out of the Loop

Everyone is talking about the blackout that effected New York, Ohio, Michigan and Ontario. Frankly for good reason! It's big news. A major event. So when did I find out? Yesterday on the radio? On the news? CNN? CNBC? BBC?? No, none of those.

I found out late this afternoon from a coworker who asked me if I thought it had affected the Internet.

I never turned the TV on yesterday. I listen to the radio in the morning, but they never mentioned anything about it Thursday morning. I'm not sure when the blackout even occured. Sheesh. On the way home I listen to CDs rather than the radio so I missed any chance to hear it there either.

This whole thing has me wondering if I'm at a disadvantage because I'm out of touch with what is going on. Either that or I'm better off because I'm not sucked into sensationalistic journalism and the speculations and rumors that have begun to be subsituted for real news. Not to suggest that the power outage didn't happen, it's clear it has, but I've been reading about all kinds of "answers" to what caused the blackout and whos fault it is. Good god it's a friggin mud-slinging party going on! Reporters should not be reporting speculations or unproven 'facts'. It's poor journalism and causes more confusion than is needed.

End of Rant.

I think I better watch the news every once in awhile, even if its only for 5 minutes on Headline News or something.

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