Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Working Late

Well I'm working late tonight (like you couldn't gather that from the title?). There are a bunch of things I can only do after hours, when everyone is off the network, so I'm gonna try to take care of a bunch of them tonight. Anyone who's had to work on/upgrade/install a database knows what I'm referring to. For the rest, it's just a lot of work that requires the network server to be isolated, so no one tries to work on things as you are doing your thing.

I have to run system/security updates on the server first thing. It's a little bit behind. That's the trouble with servers. People expect them to remain up and running constantly, so keeping them up to date with security patches and what not is a tad bit more difficult than your home computer.

I then have to install the database server application, and then install its updates and security patches.

Next I have to configure the database server application to work properly with the CRM (Customer Relations Management) software we are going to be "going live" with next month (hopefully sooner!).

Finally I have to install the database.

All of this is pretty straight forward, but requires you to follow the instructions carefully, especially the CRM. There is going to be a great deal of rebooting as well. The rebooting is what will make this a long process.

After all that I'm getting me some dinner and then meeting John and Bill to see Terminator 3! My reward. LOL

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