Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Powerful Lyrics

I stripped this from a song by VNV Nation called Genesis. It's only one small bit but I says a LOT. Every adult can relate to the sentiments in these four simple lines. If you cannot you have not lived your life yet or are blind to yourself.

If I would shed my skin, the layers left

But not the lessons learned

It would not undo what I have done

Or grant forgiveness in some better days

Everyone has done something in their life they regret. Not regret because you got in trouble or because it's socially unacceptable. I'm talking about something you know in your heart was wrong.

Do we mourn our own inadequacies or do we learn from them and live on? I say you live and learn but never forget. Just as you look at a scar and vividly remember how it happened, these emotional scars will carry through your life, but they can be used to make you a stronger and better person, or you can let them weigh heavy on your heart and mind until you are crawling in the dirt dragging the baggage of your life.

But it's not that black and white. We all are at different levels of that at different times. The human spirit luckly is very strong and fights. I'm am optimistic.

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