Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bathroom Remodel - Tile!

Well it's been awhile since any major progress has occurred. Mostly because of vacation and football (Go Big Red!).

This week we got back on task. I got the floor prepped and the Hardiebacker down. We then got the floor tile in and grouted.

Today we got some trim down for the wainscoting. We had to do this so we had the nice clean, and straight edge to start tiling from. Plus once we get the main wall prepped and painted I can get the toilet in! The trim is actually PVC, so we don't have to worry about moisture.

Tonight we started tiling the back wall of the tub. We put up all the pieces we could without cutting. These early nights are killing productivity. Of course watching the Huskers play for a few hours didn't help either. Oh and that orange is the Kerdi. We put that up this week too. No water is getting through to our walls!

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