Monday, October 18, 2010

How one drunk can ruin it for everyone

Saturday, October 16th was a tough day for Nebraska fans, especially those of us in the middle of section 40 at rows 73, 74 and 75. We had to put up with an ass who dares call himself a fan but made himself an idiot the entire game.

I wrote the UNL Police asking if they could direct me to where I could report the drunk, after the game. Their response was,
"We can keep an eye on it next game and see if the officer notices anything. Also did you try Texting? Sometimes the cell service is bad but I did notice the texting working. I will need the section, seat, row to help us and we will add it to our briefing before the next game. "
I suppose I can't really expect anything more, unless perhaps more people complain about the guy. Also, as the Omaha World Herald mentioned last week, mobile services, (voice, data, text) are all pretty much dead for most people. Sprint service is worthless.

Here is the letter I sent to the University of Nebraska Police after emailing them asking where to report a complaint:

Unfortunately Sprint's service is completely down every game for me. In hindsight I should have just gone and found an officer to have this guy taken care of. The seats this guy has are in Sec 40, Row 74, seats 13 & 14.

His Pepsi, in an open cup, was clearly spiked with bourbon. It was especially noticeable after he spilled it on me and two kids in front of me. It was also dumped into the shoe of the guy in row 73, seat 13. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been to have a wet foot the entire game. He confronted the drunk but when it was clear that it would have only escalated he backed down so as to not create a scene.

While I certainly understand swearing occasionally during a game, especially at a bad play, this guy was swearing constantly, but worse, not just at the game but at fans, of Texas AND Nebraska. He was berating fans who started to leave early. Then when others behind us, perhaps even some of those who were leaving told him to sit down and shut up, it only made him escalate his verbal assault on them.

I think, aside from my own embarrassment from sitting next to him the entire game was the fact that there was a 6-8 year old boy sitting in front of me who had to hear all of this garbage for the entire game. You could see on his face how uncomfortable he was.

Long story short, he was disrespectful, unsportsmanlike, vulgar, and drunk. If he is like this at the Missouri game you can be sure you all will be alerted right away. I'm not about to let this fool ruin another game for our section. He was an embarrassment to Nebraska.

The reality is that I should have taken care of the drunk early on in the game. Like myself probably everyone around him was thinking someone else would do it. Instead we had to put up with his BS for the entire game. Well save about 5-10 minutes after half time. Everyone was hoping he had just left. It was a nice 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately he came back.

The thing is, every other game he's been sober, or at least not stupid drunk, and had his wife/girlfriend with him. Maybe she keeps him in check. Who knows. This time he had with him what looked to be his dad. His dad, while not as bad, certainly made no efforts to stop his embarrassing behavior either.

Well like I said in my email to the campus police. If he's like that again, he's gone. I'm not putting up with that again.

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