Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wow! Heroes Delivered

Ok I'm a day late. I didn't get to watch "Fallout", the last new episode until Jan. 22nd 2007, until last night. I had to record it Monday as we were busy. I love my PVR.

It was a great episode! Comparing Heroes to Lost is apples and oranges, but the mid-season finale of Lost was hyped up and ended up being very weak. The Heroes mid-season finale turned out to be perfect. Well done!

-----------SPOILER WARNING--------------

Well Eden is dead. Not a real big shocker actually. She was pretty foolish to think she could take on Sylar alone. My guess is that she was cocky (she was in the past too) because she was able to take him down before. Still she was smart enough to blow her brains out before Sylar could harvest her power.

More of the 'Heroes' got together finally. I'm glad to see things coming together.

Matt and Peter's meeting was a bit too brief for what I was expecting but I think it'll be for the best. Between the two of them the story would move too fast because it would tie the two story lines together too quickly. I think it just gave everyone a taste of things.

Speaking of Peter, he looked like crap in his cell. Made me wonder if:
  1. Was his exposure to Clair too short and his wounds not totally heal?
  2. Was he exposed to too many powers too quickly? (Isaak, Clair, Nathan, Mr. Bennet(?), and most importantly Sylar) That's a LOT to absorb, especially Sylar's powers. We don't even know how many he has yet.
  3. Could he have been poisoned?
Mr. Bennet... So, you don't just work for yourself? Not a big surprise either really, but nice to have that out in the open. Still he has a lot of autonomy. He can use the Haitian or Eden (used to) whenever he wanted and all appearances are suggesting Isaak was being kept there, locked up.

Also does he have powers to dampen other peoples powers or not? The writers went out of their way to make us question that. Three times they make you wonder.
  1. Mr. Bennet and Sylar - Mr. B says Sylars powers won't work here suggesting that the room is blocking his powers.
  2. Mr. Bennet and Matt - Three times Matt tried to read minds around Bennet with no success (except for one word, "Sylar"). Two of those times The Haitian was there. Connection? Maybe.
  3. Mr. Bennet and Peter - While I don't think Mr. B was intentionally trying to block Peters powers I suspect that Peter would have been feeling a lot better if Clair's power would have been able to be absorbed right there. There is also the possibility that he could have read Clair's mind too since he had been around Matt. None of that happened though, in my mind because Mr. B was near by.
The Haitian - He speaks and he's not just the lap dog of Mr. Bennet. Finally! We know he can wipe minds/memories, but is he the one responsible for blocking powers? Why did he defy Mr. B's order to wipe Clair's memory of her powers? Really even the thought of that is silly. People hurt themselves all the time. How can Mr. B expect her not to find out over and over and over again? He going to have her mind wiped all her life? Doubtful.

Lots of neat things going on. I can't wait until Jan 22nd!

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