Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I never realized how much I've really considered the old TechTV gang as family until I heard about James Kim and his family going missing. I was deeply worried and concerned for their safety and felt bad that there was nothing I could do to help. I would have been there in the search parties if it had been possible. His family has been found but, James is still missing as of this writing and I really wish him the best. I'm hoping he'll be found safe. He went out to get help while his family waited. That takes a lot of courage. I'm sure he didn't want to leave his family.

Yesterday was when I first heard about his disappearance. I was listening to Twit, Buzz Out Loud and DL.TV and each of them mentioned this situation. Three separate companies with friends amongst them, no, more like family. I've never seen media personalities that feel so real. They have become part of our lives, back in the ZDTV/TechTV days and they still are friends.

Keep hanging on James, help is on the way.

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