Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Would you like to try our...

I know they have been around awhile now but man I find them annoying. What I'm referring to are the fast food pre-recorded greetings when you pull up to the speaker in the drive-thru. It's just odd because you can't tell if its a recording or not until you say 'no thanks' and then someone else's voice asks what you'd like.

I DO understand why they do this though. It's marketing. These fast food places want to push their latest new sandwich or salad. When I worked fast food we'd be requested by the main office to push a particular item in person. In essence the drive-thru operator had to remember to say the lines every time. If you've ever worked fast-food, especially in the drive-thru you know how difficult and tedious this can be, especially during the lunch rush (the best time to do any marketing however).

So now we, as customers, have to listen to automated greetings first, then talk to a real person. It's a shame, but I understand it. It's still irritating though.