Saturday, May 17, 2003

Saturday Morning Cartoons

What ever happened to them? There used to be like 3 or 4 hours of cartoons on every single network on Saturday mornings. I remember waking up at about 6 to watch the Muppet Show then watching cartoons for hours, usually ending with Loony Tunes.

Now when I turn the TV on there is hardly anything. FOX has a bunch, but even they are getting lame. ABC has all the Disney approved cartoons. What happened to the good cartoons?

Maybe I'm just old and grouchy now, but I watch as much Cartoon Network as I do Discovery or Comedy Central. I never watch "The Big Three" All these lame reality shows only tells me they aren't living in reality. Screw them. It's all mindless garbage. At least Junk Yard Wars has creativity to it. The people on that show have to have some wits about them and they generally aren't pretty. THAT is my kinda reality TV.

Anyway that was a tangent. I've noticed lately that Cartoon Network is picking up a lot of the good cartoons that Fox dropped. Makes me wonder. I'm not sure of network partnerships and affiliations, but I suspect there is something between the too.

Oh well, I'd rather watch Adult Swim.

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