Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Happy Days

Those few of you who read my blog regularly (thank you BTW) probably had noticed me kinda down lately. Well I'm back on the upswing now. :)

This means it's back to the gym. I took more than a month off from the gym because of things. I just didn't much feel like going and working out, even though it's great stress relef. I was feeling to self-destructive to want to do something that healthy. But I went back Monday night. My ex-trainer yelled at me for being gone. I kinda was glad for that actually. I would have been disappointed otherwise. It's nice to be noticed, if only in your absence.

Working out again means I need to start improving my eating again. I'm so bad about eating and worse when I'm depressed. Some people eat, I don't eat or eat poorly. I feel like I'll be able to pick things back up pretty quickly though. I rebound well, not only mentally but physically as well. I've got to get pumped up about drinking those nasty protein drinks again now. Ugh.

I don't care how "good" they claim to taste or really how good they are for you, protein shakes are pretty nasty. The nutrition bars are about as bad. Someone like me doesn't have to worry much about carbs, I burn them off as fast as I can feed them to my body, but most people aren't like me, so the shakes and bars are made with artificial sweetners or too little sugar making them taste funny or like eating dirt. I might as well take nutritional pills or something. I'm sure they aren't as readily absorbed into the body, thus not as good, but still...

I don't HAVE to eat or drink that stuff, but I'm a slim dude, no getting around it. Without suplimental protein I'm not going to build much muscle. I did gain some, since the beginning of the year when I started, but mostly I just got my body in shape and lost a little fat I had begun to collect, mostly at the sides of my abs, the vestiages of love handles. Most guys would have killed to have as little fat as I did, but as lean as I am all over the rest of my body it felt funny.

So anyway, back to the main point. I'm doing well and I plan to keep this way. :) Summer is right around the corner and school will be in the fall (oh i haven't blogged about that yet. Guess you'll have to wait for that report.) My sweety loves me dearly and we make each other smile without even trying. That alone is enough to make me walk on clouds. :)

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