Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Day 3

Kitchen Remodel - Day 3, originally uploaded by TNVWBOY.

We didn't get as much done tonight, but it was only a couple of hours. Dean came over again to help me move the final cabinets into the kitchen. So all base cabinets are up, but not secured.

I had to drill and run lines for the dishwasher, only to realize the water line and drain lines were both too short. Back to Home Depot!

Tonight (Day 4) I'm going to run the water line for the refrigerator. I forgot about it and had already set the corner base cabinet so I'll have to unsecure it and drill for the line.

Hopefully on Wednesday we can get the final measurements for the counter tops. Wonder how long it'll take? Two weeks probably. Good thing I have some closet doors that would make good temporary counter tops. Too bad we wont have a sink though.


joelgoodman said...

Looks awesome. I'm guessing you're doing tile (thus the underlayment) on the floors? Where did you get your cabinets? they look like and IKEA style.

Marc said...

We got the cabinets at Home Depot. American Woodmark brand. The style is Del Ray in Maple, with the Spice finish.