Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vacation to the Black Hills - Day 2

I (that be me Mellie) awoke at my normal time of 6:30am. Shower got up and had a cup of Joe with Grandma. Marc got up at 8 am slacker!!!! Ate breakfast then headed out shopping. I needed hiking shoes and rain sleeker. My Buddha why doesn’t anyone sell rain sleeker!! Making this shopping drama short after several stores, Dicks, JC Penny, Lane Bryant. I ended up at WALMART*ewwww* and finally found a suitable rain sleeker.

Then there was lunch on grandma at Hunan Palace, A Chinese place we seen from the road. It was good eats!

3:30 PM Back at grandma’s. Time to post to the blog. Then rest and relaxation. Vacation is nice. :)

Went to dinner with Uncle Larry and Aunt Jeanine at Plattsmouth Keno. It was a good dinner. The food was pretty good. I tried the Philly sandwich in my ever expanding quest to find the best Philly. It was good but not the best. The search continues.

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