Thursday, May 08, 2008

Poor Cleo

Well this afternoon was gut wrenching. Melly got home to find out that two stray dogs attacked and mauled poor Cleo really badly. Our neighbor was able to save her from death but she was pretty hurt.

Melly took her to the vet, I was still on the way home. The vet said she didn't appear to have any broken bone, her back was ok, and no signs of internal bleeding. She was in pretty bad shock though. She was seeming to be doing better when we left the vet though. If she makes it through the night she'll still have a long recovery but I suspect she'll be past the worst. God I hope.

Loki, our male cat was no where to be seen. We were scared that he might be hurt some where, but he finally came home. He was visibly shaken when he came in, like he was scared to be around the house. But he's safe and sound. Needless to say he'll be staying in the house tonight and probably tomorrow. But we can't keep him inside forever, that's not fair and he's not as dumb as he sometimes acts. He clearly found a safe place to hide today.

It's hard dealing with that kind of emotion. I was nearly sick, physically ill, on the ride home knowing something happened to Cleo. I was very angry too. Angry at the dogs and angry at Nashville Animal Control, who is too under funded, under staffed, etc etc, to take care of all the strays in Nashville, much less our neighborhood. I'm still angry, but I have to let it go a bit or the bile will build up and I'll get sick again. I'll probably still be popping antacids tonight.

Tomorrow morning I'll call and find out how Cleo is. I hope she is ok.

UPDATE: She didn't make it through the night. :( Animal control is supposed to come out and find the other dog responsible. The 'brother' was picked up yesterday.

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