Monday, February 25, 2008

Traffic Rant of the Day

Updated 3/13/2008 (* see below)
Why is it so hard for people to merge 'zipper' style. For example, there is an on-ramp that I have to use every day on the way home. This on-ramp is actually two different on-ramps that must merge, prior to merging with the Interstate again.

Neither side has priority and both must merge together. Often I'll see people merge zipper style. If you're not sure what I mean, look closely at a zipper when you zip it up. The teeth from each side go together one per side at a time (unless you have some cheep janky zipper). This is the most efficient and fair way for traffic to merge together.

Some people don't seem to understand this though. One asshole has to be that one car length ahead of everyone else (and usually gets passed once we are all on the Interstate). If it were just one, once in awhile, it'd be irritating but fine whatever. The problem is that like the sheeple they are, so many others will see this asshole and think, "Well he did it, why can't I?"

UGH! I just want to slap those people. They all know better, even the asshole, they just have decided at that moment to not care and disrespect everyone else around them. Totally unacceptable behavior.

* I found this web page with a great visual explaination of what I'm talking about.


mLucus said...

I happen to drive around all day and have plenty of these "traffic rants". So, I feel ya.

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Hooray for TRS! Have you come across any other fans from Nashville?

TNVWBOY said...

Sorry no other TRS fans that I know of in the Nashville area. There are a few in Tennessee I think. I'm going to Chattanooga in April for a VW car show. I was thinking about seeing if any Chattanooga fans were planning on going or would consider a meet-up.