Friday, February 29, 2008

Auto Clubs

I'm a bit torn. I'm trying to get out and be more social and I've been thinking about an auto club. I'm not big into tuning or racing or anything. I just thought it might be nice to hang with like minded individuals.

So I've been looking at two options;
1. - A Tennessee Volkswagen Club. It has pretty active members that get together often and organize meet-ups at regional car shows. That sounds pretty nice. Though based on threads on their forum a lot of them tweek and tune their cars. I'm not so sure I'm really that interested.

2. Start my own. I've been thinking about starting a Yellow Car Club. The thought is that people who buy yellow cars (aside from taxi drivers) are likely to have some personality similarities. Also, how cool would it be to cruse around in large groups. A string of yellow as you drive down the road. Nice. The problem here is that I pretty much have to start this and run it myself, though I had no plans to take it beyond a social club.

So here I am torn. I could go either way very easily.

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