Monday, July 16, 2007

Global Warming

Ok, it's a loaded title, I know.

I've thought long about this topic. I believe that as a global community, as a human race, we should be doing things to reduce our waste and just generally be more energy efficient.

Are we causing Global Warming. No, I don't believe so. Are we helping? No we're not. I personally believe that we are going through a natural weather situation, not unlike the ice ages. Is there anything we can do? Nope. We can't do much to stop weather, we are insignificant in comparison.

Here is why I don't think we are doing this:
  1. Cars pollute, but not as much as the media likes to present. Industry and power plants put out, literately, TONS more carbon and greenhouse gases than cars do.
  2. Volcanoes put out HUGE amounts of greenhouse gases and the like when they go off. It hasn't killed the planet yet (nor will it).
Here is why I don't think we are helping:
  1. Cutting down huge swaths of rain forest that help regulate temperature.
  2. Even if our pollution is a small fraction of the green house effect, it still isn't good.
We could be doing more, but not to change Global Climate Change. (much more accurate title)
The bottom line is that it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I mean the changes will be more dramatic. Some areas will benefit from the changes, others will not. Coastlines will change as the oceans rise. Some islands will disappear. There will be stronger storms, longer droughts, stronger floods.

There will be death and loss of entire species of plants and animals. Those that cannot adapt will parish. This is just a reverse ice age. Hell it may even swing the other direction too.

We humans can and will survive. How well depends on how willing we are to face the truth and just be prepared. I mean come on, like we are going to change the planet from rising a few degrees over the next decade or two? HIGHLY doubtful. We'd be better off figuring out how we can sustain our crops in adverse weather conditions and moving out of coastal cities or prepping them for rising ocean levels. New Orleans...sorry, your days are numbered, like it or not.

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Church of Sabbatology said...

Dude, guess who?

Hey, you might want to check out this video of Naomi Oreskes' talk on Global Warming science and the origins of the anti-global warming movement. It's quite interesting and informative.