Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Moving and moving in

I flew up to get Melly on Halloween. She met me at the airport with her van, hauling a large 6x12 UHaul trailer. Both the van and trailer were packed full.

Since I didn't check any luggage, I slung my bag on my shoulder, after a warm hug and kiss, and we walked out to the parking lot.

Bertha, as we affectionately named Melly's van, worked hard pulling the trailer, but nothing too terrible. She struggled up a few of the mountains and bumps were murder, felt like the whole ass end of the van was going to yank off. Once she was on nice smooth interstates she did fine though.

The first night we ended up stopping at the Bates Hotel. Not really, but it was kinda freaky like that. It was only $45 for the night though and it was dark and rainy, so it was for the best we stop that night. The bed wasn't the most comfortable and they only got one channel that wasn't fuzzy, but it was a place to rest.

By Tuesday we made it home. I was pooped! Melly did some driving, but I did a majority. I didn't mind, she wasn't real comfortable in the heavier traffic, especially with the trailer. It was a pretty trip, but it'll be much better next time with no trailer to worry about. Next time being a road trip or vacation, not a move.

Melly seems to be getting adjusted. I know its not easy for her all the time though. She left behind all she knew. She probably feels a bit trapped sometimes too. I consider it OUR home, but the reality is that it's in my name and she is well aware of that. I think she oaccationally feels that she's at my mercy. Even thought she is completely safe with me and I would never take advantage of the situation not having a job and being dependant on me makes that more difficult for her. I think time and her finding a job that she likes will make that easier for her.

She's looking for jobs already, but she wants to take her time finding one. To find the right job and to get used to the traffic and area here. I totally and completely support that. The original plan, before she moved here, was for her to take about two months to get settled. I think that's still viable.

She has already made a huge impact on the house. It looks more like a home now. A womans touch makes a HUGE difference. I really like the changes she's made. It makes the place more comfortable and inviting. We still have a lot we want to do, but it's coming together now. It's really great working on the place together as a couple.

So while we both have some growing and adjusting to do being in the same house and dealing with one another every day like that, it's been great. It feels very natural to me. It doesn't feel forced. She doesn't just feel like a room mate, she's the woman I want to spend my life with, all of it.

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