Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Sir! Yes Sir!

When playing Unreal 2 XMP (Extended Multi-Player), there are some things necessary to win.

  • Play as a TEAM! Sure this sounds like it would be common sense. It's a squad-based team game. You have Techs, Medical/Rangers, and big heavy Grunts. Each have their own unique skills, strengths and weaknesses. If everyone is a Tech you're loosing valuable skills on the field.

  • Communicate! This is crucial! If you don't talk to your team mates, make plans and let everyone know what's going on, you WILL loose. There are teams out there that communicate on and offline about how to win a map. They know how to get around and how to take advantage of weaknesses in NOOB defense.

  • Defense! Not everyone can go after the generators, the vehicles and the artifacts. Sure those things are fun, but someone has to hold down the fort. Remember, the goal to win is to collect all the artifacts. If you have no defense, you'll loose quickly.

  • Know your team mates! I'm not saying be best buddies with them, but know what they are good at. Ask and learn. If they are good at defense, don't send them in after the artifacts. If they can't drive very well, don't put them behind the wheel of the Raptor.

Here are some strategies I've seen, as I and my team got crushed:

  • Take advantage of teleportation points. There are a couple maps with bunkers that have transporters in them. They give shelter and a quick and easy way to make it across a map safely. Use these advantages if you can. If you notice your opposing team using these methods, defend against them. Install mines, auto-turrets or energy shields to stop them.

  • Stick with your buddy. Buddy up with a partner in all aspects. If you are defending, one can watch your back as you're setting defensive items. If your on offence, one can watch the other's back while hacking generators or deploy points. Also on the offense, going for the artifacts, two members is better than one. If there are defenses, two players will fair better than one. If the defenses are weak BOTH players can grab an artifact! So even if one dies on the way back, there is still a good chance you're team will score one. All the vehicles can take two people, and one even can hold three. Take advantage of this. One person driving alone is a waste of energy and that driver is a sitting duck. If there is someone manning the turret, at least they can shoot back for you.

  • If 1st person driving isn't your thing, try hitting F11, when in the vehicle. This will put you in third person perspective, making driving, especially they Raptor, a bit easier. One word of caution however, the flame thrower on the tank (The Juggernaut) will NOT respond to mouse control in this view. When you exit the vehicle the perspective will switch back to 1st person. My experience has been that this setting is remembered by your installation, so you don't have to hit F11 every time you get into a vehicle.

These are just the things I've seen or discovered myself in playing the last week or two. I've not been playing a lot, but I have been playing close attention to how the other teams play. It's the cool cucumbers that win a lot. Don't panic. Plan your attacks. And work TOGETHER! I can't stress that enough. If you're a n00b (newbie) and wanting to play, hop in and ASK how you can help. (Use the Y key for team speak, rather than T. T will tell everyone you're new and ready for a butt whoopin') If the team isn't willing to help you learn or isn't communicating with you, consider another server.

If anyone who reads this has some helpful advice to add, please leave a comment below and I'll post a copy of it. Hope this helps! See you in there.

My Server (when running): MAJIK

My Player ID: SkinAy

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