Monday, December 15, 2003

Finals are Finally Over

Time to relax for about a month. The fall semester is officially done for me. I took my Statistics final this afternoon at 5. I'm still not certain how I did. I either did really well, using the right equations and interperating the information properly, or I totally bombed by misreading the questions. I think even if I failed the final I'd still pass the class, but I'd prefer to walk out of the class with an A.

My understanding is that grades are supposed to be posted Wednesday, but I can't be sure. As far as i know it's purely hirsay from other students.

I think I did get an A in my Business Law class. That was a lot of work, but it was still a very good class. It was 4 intense weeks of going to class from 6pm to 10pm every Friday night and 9am to 5pm every Saturday. There were 3 exams and an inclass presentation. As I got an 87% on the first Exam, 91% on the second exam, and a 92% on the presentation, I'm feeling confident that I've scored equally well on the final. The professor also grades on the curve, usually bumping everyone from 1 to 3 point up. So I feel very good about getting a A. Again, time will tell.

All in all I'm feeling very good about the semester. Yes I took a night class this summer, but this was the first full semester back in school in a few years. It was also my most sucessful.

I've been very impressed with the teaching staff at Belmont University. They are quite compedent. I had a doctor teach me this summer. I had an attorney teaching me this fall, this spring I'll have a nother doctor teaching me. It makes me feel good about the school that they really work hard to get the best people in there to teach. Even my stats teacher, dispite not being a doctor, was very good. He obviously cared about teaching and helping us understand. He was also fair without being 'easy'. Funny, as an adult I appreciate these things much more than I did when I was at the University of Nebraska, way back when. There we were taught by grad students and teachers assistants more than the tenured professors, and those guys were as borning as hell.

Ok I'm babbling. So I have until January 12th to kick back, relax and enjoy the holidays, as well as some time with my sweety. That'll be nice. Hopefully it'll be a nice stress free time. Then its back to school. I'll be taking Marketing Fundamentals and Microeconomics. Fun fun!

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