Sunday, June 15, 2003

Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers Day was never a big deal at my house. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it was a money issue. Fathers day, as seen from TV, is a day to buy Dad a big expensive toy or really ugly bad gifts that he'd never use. Growing up with little money neither of these options really are an option.

But the meaning of Fathers Day isn't about gifts, its about Dad! It's something that has been a long time coming for me (to understand this).

Mothers Day always had more meaning. Perhaps it was because Mom really expected something. I'm not really sure why it made a difference, but it has. My Dad isn't a very sentimental kinda guy so perhaps that had something to do with it.

Well today is Fathers Day so I'm going to thank my dad for all he's done.

Bottom line is that I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for him. Much more than him providing the genetic materials. He raised me to be the man I am. Yes, Mom helped too, but its not her day <grin>.

I have a very strong work ethic because of my dad. I suspect he got them from his dad. Not a bad thing to pass on if you ask me. Life is a lot of work. If you want to succeed you have to work hard. You won't have time for those things you want if you don't work for them.

Related to that I have the mindset that I have to constantly improve myself. Be better than I am always. Not sure if this was a byproduct or a desired trait, but I have it. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a perfectionist. I actually have to force myself to say, "Good enough." It's actually on a couple work performance reviews that I need to learn how to let some things that are less important go at 'good enough' rather then perfecting them. For better or worse that's something that my dad gave me. It's part of what makes

A strong respect for women. I never saw my dad ever disrespect a woman. He always treated women well. He's not one to let his emotions out, but you could always tell he cared and would protect the women (and children) in his life with every bit of himself. I think I took these traits as well. I'd like to think so anyway.

I can do a great number of things. I'm a Jack-of-all-trades just like my dad. I'm not as hands on with my trade as he has been, but I'm just as varied. He can build a house pretty much from the ground up. I can build a business computer system (networking, PCs, servers, work systems) pretty much from the ground up as well. We both know our strong and weak points and know when to ask for help. We both are very creative and have an eye for beauty. Thanks to him I can take care of myself and others. I'm not as good around the house as he is, probably never will be, but thanks to all the work we did together I understand enough to take care of the basics.

So my dad made me a hard working man, good around the house and in the office. He made me a respectful and caring individual who cares greatly for the women in my life. I think even a bit of him rubbed off on me about being just a big kid and really enjoying kids as well. I love kids and know I'll one day be a great dad myself.

Thanks Dad. I know you question the job you did, but I think I turned out pretty well. I think you did a great job. No one knows what they are doing when they become a parent. You did your best and that's what matters. Sure not everything went as hoped, but we won't worry about those. Today it's remembering and appreciating the good things. Thanks for making me who I am Dad!

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