Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Government Spending and taking inventory of our own problems

I don't quite understand why the same people who say that we spend too much money supporting social programs, don't have a problem going to war with every other country in the world? How is sticking our (the USA) nose where it doesn't belong better than making our own country better?

Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our education system is weak and becoming weaker, as compared to other comparable countries. Many states are drowning in debt. Corporate oligopolies are becoming more and more common in different markets, pushing out the small guys, stifling innovation and hurting consumers.

So why is it so bad to turn our eyes inward? Why is it unpatriotic to do this? Is it because we are so accustomed to being #1 that we cannot admit our own failures and weaknesses?

I'm not saying the US is messed up or should be compared to other countries with far worse problems, but that doesn't excuse us from taking inventory of our own issues.

The US is the person who gives advice to everyone else but can't take it without becoming defensive. Many of those countries we are happy to 'give advice' to never even asked for it to start with.

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Henry said...

The biggest problem that we have is the fact that the UN and NATO love to use the United States as a defacto police force in all sorts of conflicts. They need muscle, they call on the USA. Of course, there are two actions that are going on now that are our own doing thanks to poor leadership and a "let's get al-Qaeda" mentality. Now, don't get me wrong, we needed to take down the bastards that were responsible for 9/11. The question is, did we have to invade two countries to do it?