Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Being more healthy

No I'm not working out, though I probably could use that too. Baby steps!

I've recently cut or reduced some bad things from my life.

  1. Caffeine. I must admit that this is something I yo-yo on a bit. I love the punch, but I don't like getting headaches when I don't get my fix. Of course there is a Mountain Dew in front of me now, but I'm still cutting way back. One caffeinated beverage per day. I know some geeks wear their caffeine addiction like a merit badge but I'd rather be healthier.
  2. Corn Syrup. Nasty stuff. I hate how it ruins a perfectly good soda and pretty much makes anything sweetened by it into a sticky mess that upsets my stomach. I cannot even eat pancakes with artificial maple syrup, because it's mostly just corn syrup. After about one pancake I'm ready to barf.

    This one will be difficult, not because I'm an addict but because it's everywhere! On the positive side it'll just encourage me to eat even less prepackaged foods and thus be healthier!
  3. TV. This is the big baddie for me. The TV screen is like a big magnet that pulls all thought from my head and leaves me a glassy eyed zombie. Bottom-line, I am totally an addict. A TV show now and again for entertainment is perfectly OK. The problem is that I'd watch even when there was nothing worth watching. Watching when I should be doing many other things, like and especially spending time with my wife.

    I'm not cold-turkey with TV but it's only been one show in four days. My wife and I enjoy watching Dr Who and it was recorded and it was her idea and I turned the TV off as soon as it was over. Good start, but too early to start claiming victory. Though I have to admit that it feels good.

    I've gotten a bunch more work done around the house and learned how to play Rummy.
I'm not going all hippy or anything but there is definitely something to be said for living a bit more 'old-fashioned'. We pretty much cook every meal, we have a vegetable garden, we are reading and playing board games more, going for walks and spending time playing with the cats. Nothing techy or nerdy (well maybe the reading, currently William Gibson and Mark Twain) but it feels satisfying. And really that is very important to your health.

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