Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bathroom Remodel - Day5

BathroomRemodel08-Day5 005, originally uploaded by TNVWBOY.

Lots going on today. I took the day off because Home Depot and the plumber were coming today.

Home Depot dropped off all the materials we ordered on Sunday around 9am.

What was done today:
- Outlets set and wired up.
- Outside wall studs that were all eaten up were replaced.
- Outside wall was reinsulated and covered with tar paper.
- Applied tar paper and plywood to the subfloor.
- Adjusted the recessed mirror opening
- The plumber replaced all the old cast iron drains
- Finally we set the new tub.

Unfortunately in the midst of all that I managed to strain my wrist. I hope it's better by tomorrow night. I have dry wall and concrete board to put up!

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