Friday, March 18, 2005

Yea yea

I know I don't write enough any more. It's tough finding time between work, school, working on the house, working on the yard and last but definitly not least doing things with my sweety Melly.

I'm taking HR Management at Belmont University. I've starting prepping my yard for spring. I got my grass seed and will be doing the weed and feed soon. Melly is planting flowers and such and we are working on a nice rock path into the back of the yard. I have some pictures, but they are on my camera stuck at home with dead batteries.

Work is work as always. I'm taking another team lead position. I like being a team leader though it's a lot of work. I'm hoping that the experience I gain, in addition to my classes, will give me a path into management. Time will tell.

Well back to work...

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