Thursday, June 17, 2004

Been awhile

I know I've not written in weeks. Things were awesome when my sweetie came to visit and I'll be going there again at the end of July.

I'm trying to leash train my cats. It's going to be interesting I can tell. I got them into their harnesses last night and we pretty much sat in the grass, but that's alright for a first time. I'm not sure if they'll ever 'walk' like a dog, but it'll be fun to get to take them outside with Melly and I when we are together.

I've been working on some pictures Melly took while she was in Cambodia, many years ago. They are really great pictures. I scanned them in at 1200 dpi and then did some major photo editing. One picture in particular was a lot of work but fun. There were some girls doing a traditional dance on the walkway to Angkor Wat, but there were tourists all over in the background. So I erased them, without damaging the photo. I'll post a picture, both the finished full image and a couple before and after close-ups.

Lastly I'll probably be redesigning my website again in the next couple weeks. I've been doing a major redesign of the website for the company I work for. It needed it badly. The new site probably won't go live until early September, but it'll be a night and day change. I can't wait.

Well off to work I go. I'll try to write more, but I can't make any promises.

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