Monday, December 09, 2002

Movie Review - Scorpion King

I'll upfront say, this is a good action movie. That said you have to let go and just enjoy it. There are things in this movie that simply don't make sence from a historical sense.

The story is pre-pyramids, this places it in the Copper-Age. Yet in the movie they are fighting with steel/iron swords. Ok ok, seems a petty complaint until you realize that this would be like M-16 machine guns during the revolutionary war.

The acting wasn't Oscar quality, but it was adequate. The Amazons and Sorceress were nice eye candy for the guys. The ladies will like "The Rock" I guess. He leaves his "Peoples' Eye" out of the movie, thankfully. I think that trademark would have dropped the whole movie down a notch.

If you can leave those things behind and just enjoy the action it will be a fun movie. It's along the lines of a Conan movie. If you are expecting any reference to the Mummy movies, that this spun off from, you'll be sadly disappointed. This movie does not have the special effects the two Mummy movies had, but the effects they do have were good.

The kids are going to be pretty safe too. There is violence of course, but no blood. The director very smartly left that out. The language was clean as well. There are a couple of near nude scenes with the Sorceress, but you don't see anything more than a lot of thigh. All the "goodies" are covered at all times. It's on par with the older Bond movies. It's rated PG-13, but I think an 8 or 9 year old would be ok. Hell I saw Conan and Red Sonya before I was a teen and I turned out ok. (ok ok that could be questioned. LOL)

Out of 5, I give Scorpion King a 2 1/2.

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